I like my Instagram account


As a person sometimes labeled of the “Baby-Boomer” generation, I consider myself relatively current with trends and what is cool. After ten years of infrequent use of Facebook, I jumped over to Instagram as my public online presence. There I can be creative, motivational, socially and politically conscious, or just share a private moment because it’s me. #ForGodAndFamily

With Instagram, I make-believe that I’m publishing postcards of my life! Daily I consider what I am going to share and let daily habits, routines, explorations, and impromptu activities dictate the camera, the caption, the hashtag, and ultimately my message to any/everyone. It is always reflective of my Christian orthodoxy, doxology, and praxeology. #RememberToLookUp

After some years, I continue to be out there (online) not to gain followers per se (currently under 100) but mainly to share what I see, thought about, and life-lessons learned to the human community on our Planet Earth. Lofty isn’t it! My Instagram is my art, my expression, and my gift to all who would directly or indirectly connect through it. #NeCedeMalis

Obviously, there are those who are producing and monetizing their accounts, others are over-the-top self-aggrandizing, and others looking for a forum, audience, or venue to vent, shout, or scream their personal angst, beliefs, causes, etc. For my purposes, it is me presenting myself so anyone can know me and live life together. #LifeIsBetterWithYou

I like my Instagram account. Hoping you enjoy your chosen social media platform(s) and let’s share our experiences. See you on Instagram! @avegamori #UBU #DBWH

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